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Bathymetry for mines

Bathymetric surveying is performed for open-pit mines to determine the depth and shape of existing water reservoirs. Many open-pit mines have large water reservoirs that are used for a variety of purposes, including cooling machinery and equipment, protecting against fires, or collecting water for industrial purposes.

Bathymetric measurements make it possible to accurately determine the depth, surface area and shape of water reservoirs. This makes it possible to determine the volume of water stored in the reservoir and determine the possibility of further increasing its capacity. In this way, the data obtained can be used to develop mine water management plans and to ensure the safety of work at the site.

In addition, bathymetric measurements can also help monitor groundwater levels, which is particularly important for open-pit mines that are working aquifer zone. With accurate measurements of groundwater levels, the impact of mining on the environment can be determined and appropriate actions can be taken to protect the aquatic and natural ecosystems.

Thus, bathymetric measurement is essential for open-pit mines to ensure safe operation, environmental protection and effective water management.


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